St. Maire ZAMAMI


The hotel has four ocean-view rooms,
which is rare among
accommodation facilities on Zamami Island.
You can just unwind yourself and read books in the shade while
feeling the warm sea breeze,
relax in our private pool * or jacuzzi,
or enjoy various activities the island offers.
At night-time, have a luxurious moment
with your travel companions,
gazing at the stars from the roof terrace
with a drink in your hand.

* Exclusive pool for guests
staying in our suite


  • amario
  • ruri
  • akabana
  • deigo
  • adan
  • Rooms

    Guest Room Facilities

    Private Pool  Jacuzzi 
    Wine Cellar  Mini-Kitchen
    TV / refrigerator / coffee maker / air purifier / Balmuda kettle / Balmuda microwave oven

    Two-Bedroom Suite with a Pool [ Accommodates 1- 4 Guests ]

    This is the only suite with an exclusive private pool on the island. Guests can enjoy the view of the ocean that spreads in front of them while relaxing by the pool surrounded by trees.
    There are two bedrooms in the spacious interior as well as a jacuzzi. Relieve your daily fatigue while refreshing your mind and body.

  • Rooms

    Guest Room Facilities

    Jacuzzi  Wine Cellar  Mini-Kitchen
    TV / refrigerator / coffee maker / air purifier / Balmuda kettle / Balmuda microwave oven

    Ocean Junior Suite [ Accommodates 1- 2 Guests ]

    The wine cellar located within this ocean-view guest room is stocked with recommended wines of the hotel, so you can enjoy delicious wines by the ocean. It’s a perfect room for those who wish to indulge in a luxurious time.

  • Rooms

    Guest Room Facilities

    TV / refrigerator / coffee maker / air purifier / Balmuda kettle

    Ocean Twin [ Accommodates 1 - 2 Guests ]

    When you take a step inside the room, you will see a sweeping view of the beautiful Zamami Port.
    Two comfortable beds are installed, and bright natural sunlight shines through the windows. Have a relaxing moment.

  • Rooms

    Guest Room Facilities

    TV / refrigerator / coffee maker / air purifier / Balmuda kettle

    Ocean King [ 1~2Accommodates 1- 4 Guests ]

    From the ocean-view room, you can relish the blue ocean of Zamami and beautiful sceneries that spread before you.
    The natural sunlight from the windows that let in light and wind brightens up the whole room and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Rooms

    Guest Room Facilities

    TV / refrigerator / coffee maker / air purifier / Balmuda kettle

    Standard twin [ Accommodates 1 - 2 Guests ]

    Although the Standard Room located on the mountain side is compact in size, it has quality equipment that blends well with the warm interior, and allows you to have a good night’s sleep on a spacious bed. The natural sunlight from the windows throws light across the room. The serene environment is guaranteed to provide you a relaxing moment.


Shampoo / conditioner / body soap / bath towel / face towel / body wash towel / hair brush / toothbrush / razor / cotton buds / cotton pads / hair drier / loungewear / slippers / air freshener

Borrowable Items

bed guard / bedwetting pad / potty-chair / nail clippers / fruit knife / sanitary products / thermometer / steam iron / smartphone charger / wine opener / float / cool box / playing card
(Numbers are limited)


You can enjoy a luxurious breakfast on the terrace while taking in the splendid view of the ocean. Have the best morning ever surrounded by beautiful sceneries and pleasant wind.




“Shabu Shabu” ATAGO Kitchen offers is different from others. Beef and pork used are selected meticulously for you to fully savor the original flavors of meat.



Yanbaru Island Pork

Top-grade Yanbaru Island pig is a descendant of “Agu,” the native breed of Okinawa.

As the amount of glutamine acid, which brings out the good flavors, and many of the amino acids contained is more than twice as much as that of regular hogs, making its fat extremely sweet and delicious, while the meat has a firm texture!
What’s more, its meat is healthy because its cholesterol count is less than one fourth of regular hog’s.

Motobu Beef

Top-grade beef cattle grazed free-range in the vast nature of Okinawa

Motobu beef cattle are grazed freely and fed with an original blend of lees from Okinawa’s Orion Beer. Its meat melts in your mouth. You can relish its condensed flavors and subtle sweetness because the percentage of unsaturated fatty acid is higher compared to that of regular wagyu cattle.


Opening Hours Breakfast7:30~9:00
(9:00 L.O)

(food 20:00 L.O
drink 20:30 L.O)
Number of Seats 16Seats+Terrace16Seats
Fee Breakfastone person 2,000yen
Advance booking 1,500yen

Dinnerone person 6,000yen~
Remarks All tables are non-smoking


The hotel interior that harmonizes with the beautiful natural environment of Zamami Island is guaranteed to provide a pleasant stay. The hotel enables you to experience a blissful moment, free from the bustle of everyday life, at various places throughout the hotel, including the exclusive private pool, the rooftop terrace where you can admire the sunset turning the sky into a beautiful gradation of colors, the lit-up bar, and the jacuzzi.

St. Maire Zamami

  • Private Pool

    Feel the refreshing breeze of Zamami Island and surrender to the clear water of the pool. You will find yourself in a moment of bliss, feeling as if you have become one with the great nature.
    * Exclusive pool for guests staying in our suite

  • Rooftop Terrace

    As there is a bar on the terrace, you can enjoy your drinks whenever you like without having to go elsewhere.

  • Jacuzzi

    An ideal place to have a romantic date, a good time with your friends, or even a quiet moment by yourself.
    [Hours] 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.


  • Snorkeling

    The ocean that surrounds Zamami Island is full of colorful coral reefs, beautiful fish, and locations filled with gorgeous natural creations. When you take a leisurely swim in the clear, beautiful ocean, the pleasant sound of the waves lets you forget about your everyday life and indulge in a luxurious time.

  • Electric Scooter

    You can take a trip around the island on an electric scooter while taking in the changing sceneries, scents, sounds, and the breeze. It runs at just the right speed, allowing you to move forward comfortably and leisurely enjoy the views. As it enables you to take narrow paths and reach hidden destinations, you may discover spectacular scenic sites, little-known beaches, and other locations that you would normally miss.

We can also provide information on activities other than above, such as diving, sea kayaking, and SUP, as well as nearby service facilities including bicycle and car rental companies. Please feel free to ask our staff.

  • Photo: Sea kayak
  • Photo: Sea turtle
  • Photo: Diving
  • Photo: Cycling


  • Ama Beach

    About a 16-minute walk

  • Furuzamami Beach

    About a 20-minute walk

  • Deserted Islands

    About 10 - 15 minutes by ferry

    • Amuro Island
    • Agenashiku Island
    • Gahi Island


About 2 hours or more by plane from Tokyo and Osaka
From Naha Airport, it takes about 10 minutes by taxi to reach the gateway to the ocean, the Tomari Port.
We recommend you to take a high-speed boat from the Tomari Port to the Zamami Village.

From Tokyo: About 2 hr. 50 min. from Haneda Airport to Naha Airport
From Osaka: About 2 hr. 20 min. from Kansai International Airport to Naha Airport

Photo: View of Zamami Island

St. Maire ZAMAMI map


Photo: View of Zamami Island

Address 161 Zamami, Zamami Village, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa 901-3402, Japan
Phone Number +81-98-996-4298(Reception hours: 08:00-20:00)
Check-in / Check-out 15:00-20:00 / 11:00
Total Number of Rooms 5
Facilities Coin-operated laundry dryers (2 units), Wi-Fi, Parking, Restaurant, Rooftop jet bath, Outdoor shower, Pool※1
Room Facilities and Amenities TV, Refrigerator, Air purifier, Balmuda kettle, Balmuda microwave※2, Simmons mattress, Bath amenities, Bath towel, Hand towel, Roomwear, Safety box, Wine cellar※2, Mini kitchen※2
Available Cards and Electronic Money VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay, Discover, iD, QUICPay, COIN+, Alipay+, WeChat Pay, au pay, Kitaca, Suica, PASMO, toICa, manaca, ICOCA, SUGOCA, nimoca, HAYAKAKEN
※PiTaPa is not available. カード
Conditions and Notes Please contact us if you plan to check in after 20:00.
The entire facility is non-smoking.
Cancellation Policy Cancellation fees are as follows: On the day / Previous day: 100%, 7 days before: 50%, 15 days before: 20%
※No cancellation fee will be charged if the ferry is canceled.
No-show without notice For no-shows without notice or arrivals, the accommodation fee will be 100%.

※1: Only for Suite Rooms
※2: Only for Suite and Junior Suite Rooms

161 Zamami, Zamami-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa, 901-3402
161 Zamami, Zamami-son, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa